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The Next Evolution of Heated Shaving

HOT SHAVE Heated RF Electric Shaver allows you to experience ON-ZORI the feeling of a hot towel shave from the convenience of anywhere you are. From the Japanese words warm and shaving ON-ZORI is the next evolution of heated shaving skincare.

Designed in Japan, inspired by the fusion of modern Japanese technology and tradition,HOT SHAVE Heated RF Electric Shaver makes the comfort of a hot towel shave accessible to the world. Experience ON-ZORI !

Utilizing Radio Frequency (RF) technology, HOT SHAVE treats you to a heated shaving experience while providing a close and comfortable shave..

RF waves react to moisture and quickly warm skin and soften facial hair resulting in a soothing, comfortable shaving experience without irritation.


100% Waterproof
Versatile design to be fully waterproof to ensure you can use it in the sink or the shower.

3-D Motion Head
Offering a wide range of motion that tilts inward by 10 degrees to accommodate all facial curves for optimal comfort.

Safe For All Skin Types
Skin-safe heated rotary blades distribute soothing warmth to skin.

No nicks, Cuts or Irritation
2 rows of 0.85 mm blades with different speeds and angles maximize skin contact and heat delivery achieving a gentle and closer shave.

Auto Power-off
Device will intuitively power-off about 3 minutes (in RF Shaver/ Shaver Mode) or 6 minutes (in RF Mode) after turning on the power, the power will be turned off automatically after 2 short beeps.

Portable & Rechargeable
Rechargeable lithium ion battery ensures device is ready when you are – up to 6 shaves from a single charge, depending on usage – making being on-the-go easy.

Esthetician Approved All-in-1 Skincare Shaving Routine
Radio frequency known to help stimulate collagen and elastin production, Radio frequency waves penetrate deep into the layers of the skin to promote the appearance of younger looking skin.

Perfect For Sideburns, Goatees, Beards, And Mustaches
Rotating about 2,000 times per minute, blades distribute soothing warmth while sharply cutting hair from the root. Hair length after shaving withHOT SHAVE is significantly shorter (Maximum about 33%.)*

Made In Japan
Designed in Japan, inspired by the fusion of modern Japanese technology and tradition.

 *Based On Clinical Study Data.