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Trichologist-Recommended: Benefits of Red Light Therapy & Infrared Technology

Written by: Certified Trichologist, Aoife McCarthy As a Certified Trichologist specializing in working with individuals experiencing hair loss, I've seen firsthand the challenges and frustrations t...


Introduction to Bridgette Hill, a renowned and certified Trichologist - the Scalp Therapist

About Me Hi I am Bridgette Hill affectionately known as "The Scalp Therapist," a certified trichologist. My evolution into becoming a certified trichologist was a natural progression and was founde...

HairWhen Is It Time to Upgrade Your Heated Hair Tools?

When Is It Time to Upgrade Your Heated Hair Tools?

Your powered hair devices (blow dryers, styling irons) need care and feeding like everything else; cleaning, charging, testing. But once in a while, they act temperamentally or give up the ghost. S...