The richness of life, inner-self harmony, and beauty based on health and kindness are all rooted in Kanazawa’s culture, tradition, and climate.
The mindset to become beautiful is to commit oneself to nature and use the wisdom of traditional craft as guidance.

Recognized by UNESCO

Kanazawa is an ancient castle town renowned for its serenity
and sensuality. Its name literally means ‘Gold Leaf Valley’.

Since 16th Century

Renowned for its rich array handicrafts, Kanazawa has been producing gold leaf since the 16th century.

Art de Vivre

Emblematic of the Kanazawa art de vivre lifestyle,
gold leaf is used on ornaments and tableware as well
as on temple decoration and shrine embellishment.

Pure Gold

Today, Kanazawa produces 99% of Japan’s high-quality gold leaf so pure it can even be used in food and cosmetics.

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