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Why Does My Hair Grow So Slow? Causes & Expert Tips to Accelerate Growth

Many factors can slow down hair growth, including nutrition, stress, genetics, and hormones. Learn how to foster regrowth with healthy styling practices, prof...

The What and the Why Behind Philip B’s  Favorite Haircare Hacks

The What and the Why Behind Philip B’s Favorite Haircare Hacks

As a scalp and hair scientist, product formulator and hairdresser Philip B. shares his favorite professional haircare tweaks that can make the difference between so-so and amazing. Even the smalles...


Is Heat Bad for Your Hair? Exploring the Relationship Between Heat & Hair Health

Heat can be an ally to your hair. If you avoid prolonged heat, use the right tools, and make thermal protectant a staple in your routine, you’ll safeguard you...


The Importance of Scalp Massage

Written by: Certified Trichologist, Aoife McCarthy Your scalp health is more than just the foundation for a good hair day, it's an essential aspect of overall well-being. Think of your hair like a ...


Why is My Hair So Dry? Causes, Remedies & Routines for Hydrated Hair

Dry, dehydrated hair can result from different factors, from climate and genetics, to lifestyle and styling habits. Learn how to decode dryness and ramp up hy...


Trichologist-Recommended: Benefits of Red Light Therapy & Infrared Technology

Written by: Certified Trichologist, Aoife McCarthy As a Certified Trichologist specializing in working with individuals experiencing hair loss, I've seen firsthand the challenges and frustrations t...