About Us

YA-MAN is the global beauty innovator rooted in a rich heritage of Japanese beauty traditions

and expertise in modern technology to redefine the future of beauty for consumers and industry pros seeking innovation and supercharged results.

YA-MAN challenges the status quo to power up the beauty industry.

The fusion of modern Japanese technology and tradition is what has set us apart for over 40 years. Trailblazing, science-backed innovation has made YA-MAN an iconic brand throughout Asia, Europe, Australia, and North America. At the same time, we are rooted in our rich Japanese heritage of tried-and-true beauty rituals and pure ingredients.

Our game-changing technology combined with the simplicity of Japanese beauty changes everything. The future of beauty is YA-MAN.


Our Brands

Mineral Air

Touchless Make Up

Mineral Air Complexion is a reinvention of airbrush as a handheld beauty tool. Its AirMist device delivers a veil of mineral foundation, blush, and/or bronzer.

Mineral Air Skin

Touchless Skin Care

Makanai Beauty

Clean & Sustainable Skin Care


Redefining beauty around the world.

Medi Lift


Mineral Make Up


A new beautiful.

As leading professionals of beauty, we will continue to harness revolutionary ideas and latest technologies to offer delight and inspiration for becoming even more beautiful.


The history of YA-MAN - the pioneer of innovative beauty devices. Our aim is to help all people to awaken the beautifully radiant power within them, realizing a tomorrow that is even more attractive than today. Since our establishment in 1978, YA-MAN has been continuously creating beauty devices that are favored by beauty salons. YA-MAN transferred this advanced technology to home-care beauty devices to realize professional beauty treatments at home. As a beauty professional that is a frontrunner in this era, YA-MAN will continue to pursue new Forms of Beauty, with its inexhaustible ideas and outstanding technology.


308 patents and 716 intellectual property rights※
We believe this number explains that our motto is invention.

※as of April, 2022