Pairing the best of technology with the best from the Earth ushers in a real beauty breakthrough. The most exciting reinvention of makeup formulation and application – YA-MAN’s The Mineral Air – is itself the brainchild of a brilliant reinvention.


YA-MAN originally encountered mineral cosmetics in America, loved the idea and began importing it into Japan. But it also saw that mineral makeup formulas had enormous potential for improvement for the discerning Japanese market.

The company set its sights on refining mineral foundation so that anyone could achieve a beautiful, natural look that was still gentle on the skin; something that could create a smooth, satiny complexion every day. This challenge was nothing less than creating a mineral foundation that redefined what base makeup – and eventually blush – could be and could do.

By combining the finest in technology with the finest in nature, YA-MAN scientists were able produce high quality, mineral-based cosmetic products that work for all women, all ages, and all skin types. Containing only the finest micronized minerals, it delivered superb coverage, yet felt as if it was part of the skin itself.

While gratified by this breakthrough, YA-MAN knew could make its foundation story even more remarkable.

INSPIRED BY PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP ARTISTS Aiming for a look that had never been achieved before by non-professionals, YA-MAN began by rethinking how foundation is applied. Virtually every celebrity make-up artist in Hollywood, Paris and Tokyo uses airbrush technology to give their A-list clients that flawless look. These artists have learned to use an airbrush well because the results are unbeatable.
Was there any way of duplicating the look of airbrush application used by a professional makeup artist while preserving the ease of application that comes from a brush or sponge?

THE REINVENTION OF MINERAL MAKEUP APPLICATION WITH MINERAL AIR When it came to developing a delivery system, YA-MAN was on solid ground. As is one of Japan’s premiere developers and creators of sophisticated beauty devices (such as for skin conditioning or for hair removal) it was up to the challenge.

Through trial and error, YA-MAN’s gifted R & D group succeeded and the results are unprecedented indeed . . . an ability to mist on a uniform veil consisting the tiniest of particles, quickly and easily. Here is ultrafine foundation (or blush) so gentle on the skin it is scarcely discernable by feel. Yet, as lightweight as it is, this is full coverage at its most thorough.

First introduced in Japan in 2015 and in the U.S. in 2016, YA-MAN has further refined Mineral Air formulas and technology for its re-launch in America in 2018.

At the touch of a button, the innovative and ingenious Mineral Air delivers a completely new makeup experience. Thanks to Mineral Air, makeup’s new normal now will be flawless.