Hand Cream N

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Fragrance: Lavender


100% Natural Hand Cream
The unique water-like texture quickly absorbs to moisturize hands, leaving them feeling light and silky with lasting comfort.

For all skin types.

  • Enriched with MAKANAI's Exclusive KaESS Complex for accelerated skin renewal benefits.
  • Spring Water from the Tateyama Mountain Range: From one of Japan’s 3 holy mountains, pure water that is rich in minerals, helps moisturize and helps the penetration of other skincare ingredients.

<Exclusive KaESS /kae-ihs/ Complex>
KaESS Complex was discovered at the Yoshitaka Gold Leaf Foundry in Japan where elderly women who soaked their hands into a naturally fermented paste used to make the paper placed between gold leaves, had wrinkled faces but unexpectedly beautiful hands. Ingredients include:

  • Persimmon ‘Kaki’ Leaves: Contains 30x more rejuvenating Vitamin C than tangerines along with Vitamins A, D, E and tannins.
  • Eggshell Membranes: Contains 18 types of tissue fortifying amino acids, hydrating hyaluronic acid and structural collagen, all which are bio-compatible with human skin.
  • Soybeans: Contains lecithin for moisture retention, B-vitamins and Vitamin E.


Lavender offers a soothing and aromatic experience, blending floral notes with a hint of herbal freshness. Delicately balanced, it provides a calming sensation, leaving your hands subtly perfumed and pampered.

La France (Pear)captivates with its sweet and juicy essence. Reminiscent of ripe pears from the orchards of France, this delightful scent combines fruity notes with a touch of floral elegance, offering a refreshing and luscious experience for your hands.

Yuzu Honeyunfolds a vibrant and citrusy symphony. With the zesty aroma of Yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit, harmoniously blended with the golden sweetness of Honey, this scent invigorates your senses. It leaves your hands with a delightful fusion of citrus freshness and a hint of warm sweetness.

Size: 40 g / 1.4 oz.