How Home Use Devices and Professional Skin Services Team Up

How Home Use Devices and Professional Skin Services Team Up

Celebrity dermatologist Ava Shamban, MD fills us in on what at-home skin rejuvenation devices can and cannot do and how they fit into the total renewal picture.

Professional laser skin resurfacing came into its own in the mid-1990s though the technology was first launched in the 1960s. Since then, medically-based technology companies have perfected different rejuvenating modalities targeted towards specific skin conditions and improved healing results. Everything from rough texture, unwelcome redness, uneven pigment, slack tone, fine lines, wrinkles and scarring can now be resolved. Today, the major equipment stars in the skin rejuvenation pantheon are Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), fractional lasers, radio frequency-powered microneedling. All require treatments performed by a trained professional; dermatologist, plastic surgeon, other MD, PA, RN, NP or licensed (depending on the state you’re in) aesthetician.

Dr. Shamban entered medicine as these technologies (along with injectables) transformed cosmetic dermatology and has witnessed the growing sophistication and variety in the industry. She’s often the one companies turn to when they’re conducting clinical trials.

At the same time, while at-home devices have been around for a while now–initially with deep cleansing modalities–today we’re seeing scores of them on the market now. Modifications on low energy radio frequency and Electronic Muscle Stimulation are presently the most prevalent. More are certainly in the pipeline.

So how do they fit together?

“I don’t see professional renewal treatments and personal devices as in conflict,“ says Dr. Shamban. “To be sure, there’s no way that any at-home device or treatment (or topical skincare regimen for that matter) can compete or replace a professional procedure as far as depth or extent of results no matter what a company may claim. But think of these two as partners, not substitutes and you’ve got it right.

“At the same time, let’s be realistic, professional treatments are unaffordable in many cases. That said, at-home skin renewal devices can still be of great value to both those who do and those who do not have professional dermatology treatments because they do reach deeper than topicals and are great companion pieces a topical skincare regimen. I definitely advocate using one regularly.”

According to Dr. Shamban, at-home rejuvenation devices:

  • Delay the need for professional treatments and extend the time between them
  • Enhance the results of professional treatments via more efficient healing
  • Work as superb preparation (think in months, not days) for professional treatments
  • Can help delay or slow down visible skin aging
  • Work to enhance skincare product efficacy in everyone

With home-use devices, Dr. Shamban advises starting slow and not trying to do too much at once.

“It’s not a horse race,” she says. ”Physiologically, gradual progress is the most realistic progress. It took you this long to accrue the skin damage, so it may take a fair amount of time and consistency to alleviate it.

“And always,” she emphasizes, “no matter who you are or what treatments you’re using, don’t forget the sunscreen!”


About Medi Lift

Medi Lift is a rejuvenating skincare collection inspired by: 1) Microneedling’s ability to deliver active ingredients deep into the skin but without the use of needles or equipment, 2) The latest developments in electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). Incorporating advanced topical research, Medi Lift’s initial two lines include Needle Lift products containing our proprietary micro-spicule-intense Golden Needle Complex–to be configured into three different three-product regimens–and the Micro-Moments Special Care Collection, a series of occlusive patches containing self-dissolving micro-tips. Developed and manufactured by prestige Japanese beauty tool specialists and product formulators YA-MAN Ltd.


"Physiologically, gradual progress is the most realistic progress. It took you this long to accrue the skin damage, so it may take a fair amount of time and consistency to alleviate."

–– Ava Shamban, MD
Dermatologist, AVA MD
IG @avamd_

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