New Medi Lift Essential Mask and Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) FAQs Answered

New Medi Lift Essential Mask and Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) FAQs Answered

YA-MAN’s name and reputation have been synonymous with advanced, prestige beauty devices in Japan for decades. Initially we catered to skincare professionals (and still do) before moving into the personal home care market in 1985. Our recent introduction of the wearable electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) of Medi Lift Essential Mask in the USA pays heed to this heritage. Here’s what to know:


Q: What does the Med Lift Essential Mask with EMS do that the topical Medi Lift can’t?

A: First we need to understand the dynamics of skin aging which involve many more kinds tissue than just the skin itself. Skin aging manifests in a gradual loss bone that provides the support system for all tissues; a slackening of underlying muscles that provide firmness and contour; and an increasing irregularity in skin’s elasticity, evenness, thickness, pigment and tone. Topical Medi Lift Golden Needle Complex and Micro-Moments Special Care Collection addresses the skin issues. In contrast, the new Medi Lift Essential Mask works on the face’s underlying muscles for support.


Q: What is electrical muscle stimulation (EMS)?

A: It’s low-frequency electric impulses that stimulate the nerves which in turn message the muscle fibers. Think of it as guided contraction of the muscle where it is being exercised, strengthened and shaped. Electrostimulation has been used for physical therapy and athletic training since the 1960s. Back then, the equipment was heavy and not easily moved so was only utilized in professional medical or training facilities. With the recent advent of more compact devices and modalities (as well as consumer and peer review studies), the aesthetics audience has been reaping the benefits too.


Q: What modalities and specific areas does the Essential Mask work on?

A: Medi Lift Essential Mask uses two different waveforms of EMS, each targeted to a specific area:

  1. Training EMS for firming, toning and to lessen sagging in the zygomaticus major and zygomaticus minor muscles supporting the cheeks
  2. Release EMS to relax the masseter muscles–the strongest muscle in the body based on its weight as it happens–for a slimmer lower face and contoured jawline.



Q: When will I see results?

A: You’ll notice a slight firmness right after your first time using the device. For best results, we recommend using the Essential Mask for 30 days in a row for optimal results and increase the intensity level as you get used to the stimulation.


Q: Is the Essential Mask difficult to use?

A: Not at all. There is a slight learning curve in getting it positioned correctly and knowing the location of everything but after that it will be automatic. Before turning on the device for the first time, work with the mirror. Then without the mirror try different positions attaching it to your head to find the one that is both secure and comfortable. Practice finding the locations of the buttons with your fingers. As you go, you’ll learn what intensities to use.


Q: Is EMS a substitute for plastic surgery or laser/IPL treatments?

A: No. For safety purposes, supervised medical procedures in a doctor’s office are going to be much more extreme. Still, Essential Mask will deliver gradual – but still very visible – tightening results.


Q: Are there contraindications for using the Essential Mask?

A: Yes, the user guide will note these in full but they include an implanted pacemaker or other device, epilepsy, heart conditions, pregnancy, sunburn, recent dental work and others. Also, the FDA mandates that the Essential Mask not be used on faces that have had previous surgeries. For exceptions, please consult your doctor.


Q: May I use the Essential Mask if I have had fillers or neuromodulators (e.g. Botox)?

A: Yes, but wait a week or two after injection before using the Essential Mask. Generally, we advise a week or two after any aesthetic or dermatology treatment (microneedling, HydraFacial etc.)


About Medi Lift

Medi Lift is a rejuvenating skincare collection inspired by: 1) Microneedling’s ability to deliver active ingredients deep into the skin but without the use of needles or equipment, 2) The latest developments in electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). Incorporating advanced topical research, Medi Lift’s initial two lines include Needle Lift products containing our proprietary micro-spicule-intense Golden Needle Complex–to be configured into three different three-product regimens–and the Micro-Moments Special Care Collection, a series of occlusive patches containing self-dissolving micro-tips. Designed and developed by prestige Japanese beauty tool specialists and product formulators YA-MAN LTD.


Think of the electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) in the YA-MAN Essential Mask as guided contraction of the muscle where it is being exercised, strengthened and shaped.”

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