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About Me

Hi I am Bridgette Hill affectionately known as "The Scalp Therapist," a certified trichologist. My evolution into becoming a certified trichologist was a natural progression and was founded from a deeper comprehensive and personal story.  My passion for trichology is personal - me, my daughter, and mother all manage inflammatory androgenic alopecia of the scalp that can cause permanent hair loss. For over 25 years,  I have been an integral force in the beauty industry, evolving from a top editorial colorist to my true calling as a bespoke trichologist and thought leader in hair and scalp health. At the Rob Peetoom salons, I offer my Root Cause Scalp Analysis™ and customized solutions that marry the latest combination of topical products, ingestibles, and technology.  It requires this multi layered approach for optimal scalp health to result in beautiful hair.

I was ayurvedic trained at the Aveda Institute School of Cosmetology/Etiology in Minneapolis, MN, and certified as a trichologist with the renowned David Kingsley, founder of the World Trichology Society, in New York in 2016. I developed my colorist career in top New York hair salons, such as Garren, Oscar Blandi, and Paul Labrecque, and served as the creative director for The Four Seasons Salon in Palm Beach. As a result, I developed a  keen understanding of beauty services that cater to the elite global consumer. 

I have been recognized as one of New York City's top colorists as featured in Allure and In-Style magazines. I have been quoted in top publications including  Forbes, Vogue, O, the Oprah Magazine, Health, GQ, Cosmopolitan, In-Style, ELLE, Prevention and The Palm Beach Post. Within these quotes I have provided my expertise in many topics such as  scalp health, hair loss, healthy hair growth function, high-porosity hair, shampooing as a ritual, hair treatments, and more. I have made appearances on podcasts and television shows such as Healthier Together, Breaking Beauty, and Fat Mascara and as a featured expert trichologist on the Tamron Hall Show.  I am asked to educate and collaborate with the next generation of  science and hair experts through her work with top beauty brands such as Dr. Barbara Sturm, The NUE Co., René Furterer, Rob Peetom Salons, Unilever, and Dyson. My mission is to strengthen our relationship between inner health and outer beauty by bringing science-based skincare to the  scalp.

The Importance of professional guidance in hair care

My role as a trichologist, or scalp specialist, is to uncover the root cause of my clients’ unique situations and align them with the right products, tools, and rituals to help them through every stage of their journey. I provide my expertise in many areas, whether it’s healthy hair regrowth, hair loss prevention, or taking care of their hair, or what I call the fiber. 

As a trichologist and salon professional, I recognize that we are in the unique role to be first responders and be vigilant about the changes happening on the scalp and hair.  Scientifically we know hair is a non essential tissue, therefore. Healthy hair growth requires a balance, unique to each of us, of hormones, nutrients and vitamins in the body. Genetics play the largest role in hair fiber characteristics: 

  • Rate of growth
  • Length
  • Density
  • Structure  

The quality of the hair follicle is dependent upon the quality of the tissue, cells, and blood that fuel the follicle which makes our hair fibers. Again, I cannot stress this fact that because hair fibers and the hair follicles are nonessential tissues, they are the last part of the cell dividing functions in the body to receive necessary minerals and nutrients. Any long-term mineral or nutritional deficiencies may lead to brittle, weak, hair fibers that shed or appear as if the hair does not grow. Hair is a fabric. Once the hair is damaged, there is no quick fix.

Trichologist-Approved Hair Care Approach

A trichologist is a para medical practitioner that analyzes, consults, and treats scalp and hair conditions. As a trichologist I uncover the root causes that may be creating unwanted scalp conditions and hair loss.  It is my responsibility to be aware of any and all things that can have a negative effect on the scalp and hair to ensure I can offer the proper advice and guidance to the client. 

Hair is a non essential tissue, meaning that hair is not a vital organ and though our minds may think we can not live with our hair, our body’s know different. Whenever the body is in need it takes from the nutrients and energy for hair growth and healthy scalp and redirects it to the vital organs.  

Think of your scalp as the vault and your hair as the savings. The body needs the savings but must go through the vault. Our mind and overall wellness along with the main factors listed below are what determine healthy scalp and pretty hair:

  1. Genetics
  2. Hormones
  3. General health
  4. Stress/Disrupting life changes
  5. Lifestyle
  6. Nutrition
    1. Daily dietary intake
    2. Vitamin/mineral deficiencies
      1. Iron deficiencies
  7. Hairstyling habits and care

The YA-MAN SPA STYLER® Hair Tools - A Breakthrough in Hair Technology


YA-MAN SPA STYLER® collection is paving the way  with scalp care tools. Incorporating cutting-edge Red LED Therapy + Infrared Technology, the advanced YA-MAN SPA STYLER® Blow Dry + Scalp Massage does more than dry your hair. The vibration and scalp-lifting attachment work synergistically to revitalize your scalp's health and create beautiful looking hair.

As a trichologist and salon professional entrusted to care for the hair, I share with my clients that introducing proper scalp care into your hair care routine will impact optimal growth and health of the hair fiber. By incorporating Red Light Therapy like YA-MAN’s blow dryer and scalp massaging consistently, into your at home scalp and hair care routine, you can prevent scalp and hair concerns that can be recognized and treated in its early stages before becoming a larger concern. By consistently reducing inflammation while styling and blow drying the hair, the YA-MAN SPA STYLER® hair tools adds an additional layer of prevention to minimize mechanical damage while delivering a gorgeous final style.

"Hair is a fabric. Once the hair is damaged, there is no quick fix. Adding YA-MAN's hair tools not only assist with managing scalp conditions but are also designed to minimize heat damage and maximize hydration, each tool reflects our commitment to pioneering hair care that safeguards and beautifies.  The YA-MAN SPA STYLER® Blow Dry + Scalp Massage is super lightweight, weighing less than a pound, it has ion technology designed to flatten the cuticle and eliminate frizz for the ultimate shine. It uses advanced Japanese technology where the health and condition of the scalp and hair are as important as the beauty, ease, and efficiency of their styling.

Skinification of Hair Care and Role of Infrared Light

What we are embarking on is, what I believe to be, the skinification of scalp and hair routines. Simply put this means assessing your scalp and hair cleansing, treating, and styling into regimens that mirror how we approach our facial care routines. The skinification of scalp and hair is highlighting the benefit of creating a customized  routine in the same way we approach our skincare, and not just a lazy lather, rinse, and repeat routine. There is also an influx of different types of scalp tools, such as brushes and massagers that clients are using with pre-shampoo scalp oils and scrubs. This skinification of the scalp is exciting because as a trichologist we are fortunate to have dermatology research that is very well funded, allowing us to create hypotheses to discover the validity of the data found. Specifically inquiring if the data methodologies studied on the facial skin on the face work equally as well to the skin on the scalp. We are seeing exciting possibilities in this data. As a result, the YA-MAN has created a device where Red Light in combination with active products allows for deeper penetration of those active ingredients. The Moist Hold Repair Oils are paraben and free, silicone free, and are powered by shea butter. I love fatty acid based products and Shea is one of my favorites. The Deep Moist Repair Treatment contains heat activated ingredients, including avocado oil, keratin, and rice proteins to add moisture and strengthen hair.

The Science Behind Red LED Light Therapy + Infrared Technology in Hair Care


It is important to understand language when discussing new technology. So let's properly define Infrared Light, Red Light, and low laser light to prevent confusion. Infrared Light cannot be seen but the body can feel it as heat. Red light is similar to Infrared but you can see it, hence Red Light. Red light is also known as low level laser therapy. So Red Light and low level laser therapy are pretty much the same thing. 

The scalp has been scientifically and medically understudied and misunderstood, which leads to inaccurate and misleading information and solutions. It is a complex,  polygenic organ, meaning that optimal scalp health and function is impacted by genetics, hormones, general health, diet, lifestyle, medications, and hair styling habits. Now that more funding is being directed to scalp health, the data is consistently showing improvements in our understanding of the scalps conditions.  As a trichologist I incorporate medical grade Red Lightred light, micro needling, steam, and electroporation into my practice that prove with successful results with repeated use.

The Path to Healthier Hair: No Quick Fixes, Just Advanced Japanese Technology and Consistency 

The process begins by first accepting that at this moment in time, scalp care and hair loss cannot be cured, it can only be managed. We are going to be in need of using tools, products, and techniques to manage and prevent unwanted scalp and hair concerns. 
YA-MAN SPA STYLER® Blow Dry + Scalp Massage is an excellent introduction to Red Light and scalp massage. The scalp’s microbiome is essential to healthy hair growth function. 

The YA-MAN SPA STYLER® Blow Dry + Scalp Massage is one piece to balance both the inner and outer care for the scalp and hair. The only way to holistically improve scalp and hair concerns is for repetitive, consistent, and targeted treatments.  The need for repetitive treatments is required for best results. A healthy scalp will generally regenerate every 27-30 days. An unhealthy scalp will regenerate more rapidly or very slowly, creating various types of scalp conditions and abnormalities. The in-salon treatments coupled with the at home rituals like using YA-MAN’s blow dryer will assist with managing the scalp conditions.

I am thrilled to be collaborating with YA-MAN as they usher in innovative technology with scalp care in mind. Experience YA-MAN SPA STYLER® Blow Dry + Scalp Massage Experience - the fusion of efficiency and innovation. Engineered with advanced Red LED Light Therapy + Infrared Technology, this blow dryer offers fast drying without compromise, coupled with a Scalp Lift attachment for a healthier scalp, the foundation of beautiful hair.

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