Thermal Protection Before Heat Styling Is All About Preserving Hair Health from Philip B.

Thermal Protection Before Heat Styling Is All About Preserving Hair Health from Philip B.

With the recent introduction of the YA-MAN SPA STYLER™ Hair Tools–specifically Blow Dry + Scalp Massage and the Straight + Wave flat – it’s a logical next step that we launch heat protection products too. So now we’ve done it and are proud to share.

Given that YA-MAN is all about partnering hair nourishment with hair styling, our two new products – Moist Hold Repair Oil for Straight and Moist Hold Repair Oil for Curl – do double duty as both thermal protection while using heated hair tools and as a repair treatment.

You’ll choose the one depending on the look you want to end up with, not the hair you’re starting with.

Straight, curly or anything in between, we all love shiny, silky and bouncy hair without a trace of frizz. For some, frizz-free hair is easy to achieve. For others, not so much.

“Frizz can be one of two things,” says hair health guru and formulator Philip B. founder of Philip B. Botanicals. “One, the inherited structure of the hair which you’re born with (but can change with aging) or two, the condition of the hair which depends on how damaged it is (or isn’t) and environmental factors like pollution, perspiration or humidity.” 

The good news? Whatever its origin, frizz is negotiable. 

Philip continues, “Unprotected heat styling–blow dryers, styling irons, hot rollers–is the one of the major causes of hair damage that manifests as dryness, breakage, dullness and frizz over time. Chemical services like color or relaxing are the other.”

The other good news? Whatever its origin, hair damage is negotiable too and it doesn’t mean you have to stop blow drying or getting your roots touched up. But it does mean you need to take extra care to avoid damage, dryness and frizz.

While the scalp is living tissue, the hair itself is not. As dead material, it has no inherent way of nourishing itself aside from the sebum (oil) that the scalp produces. This is why Philip encourages regularly brushing the hair to move the oils down the hair shaft. 

Structurally, the hair’s outer protective layer, the cuticle, is a series of overlapping lipid-loving keratin (protein) cells that overlap like shingles in a roof. When healthy cuticle lays flat and tight, the hair is shiny and resilient. When the cuticle splayed or frayed, frizz ensues. Cuticle responds to heat which is why blow drying can help topical conditioning products absorb and bring out the shine in a way that air drying usually doesn’t.

“Wet hair is fragile,” Philip advises, “and needs to be handled with care. Thermal protection coats the hair shaft to strengthen, condition and protect it. I prefer to use spray because it is the lightest and easiest to apply thoroughly. But super thick, coarse or wiry hair may respond better to protective creams or serums. Heavier formulas mean you’ll have to wash your hair more often but this is a small price to pay.”

Philip concludes, “First you always have to keep your heat source moving as you dry so as not to burn the hair, and second, you need to use thermal protection before applying heat. Hot rollers are a challenge because they sit in place but they’re designed to cool down after you put them in so they’re usually OK.” 

Whether you choose a protective spray, serum or cream on your wet hair before you pick up the blow dryer or irons, remember the luscious, silky shine you save may be your own.

YA-MAN SPA STYLER™ Collection is a series of heated hair styling tools and treatment products developed by YA-MAN LTD., an innovative Japanese beauty tech company renowned for its device sophistication and formula efficacy. The first two collection offerings to launch in the U.S. are the YA-MAN SPA STYLER™ Blow Dry + Scalp Massage and the YA-MAN SPA STYLER™ Straight + Wave.


“To preserve and maintain health, condition and shine, first you always have to keep your heat source moving as you dry so as not to burn the hair, second, you need to use thermal protection first before applying heat.”


–– Philip B.
Founder, Philip B. Botanicals
IG @philipb

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