Complexion + Blush AirMist Kit

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Foundation: Porcelain
Blush: Rose Petal

FOUNDATION SHADE DESCRIPTIONS (Use alone or mix for customization):

  • Porcelain: Fair to light skin, cool undertones
  • Light: Light skin, warm undertones
  • Bisque: Light to medium skin, neutral undertones
  • Medium: Medium skin, warm undertones
  • Medium Tan: Medium to tan skin, warm undertones
  • Sienna: Tan to deep skin, cool undertones
  • Amber: Tan to deep skin, warm undertones
  • Tan: Tan to deep skin, warm undertones
  • Deep: Deep skin, neutral undertones
  • Mocha: Dark skin, cool undertones
  • Espresso: Dark skin, neutral undertones


  • Rose Petal: A hint of crimson with a universal appeal
  • Hibiscus: A hint of cool pink 
  • Fresh Peach: A soft golden coral

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Everything you need in one place to get your skin and cheeks looking amazing in seconds.
Totally fast, fun, clean and easy, this complete 6-piece Mineral Air Complexion + Blush Kit delivers precision misting application of our long-lasting, light-as-air Four-in-One Foundation for the face and the lovely Blush for cheeks.
Complexion-loving ingredients from us mean better-looking skin for you.