Beat the Heat: How to Hydrate Hair All Summer Long


Learn how to hydrate hair in the summer and combat dry, unruly locks with healthy hair practices like co-washing, UV protection, and deeply nourishing products that stand up to the sizzle.

Summer days should be all about sun-kissed skin, sandy toes, and fabulous hair. And while we all dream of emerging from the water with perfect mermaid locks, reality tends to look slightly different.

Prolonged exposure to the sun, frequent swims, and humidity can all cause a dry, unruly mane. If you wonder how to hydrate hair in the summertime, you’re not alone.

At YA-MAN USA, we’ve pioneered beauty innovations for over four decades. By blending traditional wisdom with advanced technologies, we’re here to help you keep your locks luscious, hydrated, and vibrant through every heat wave and pool day.

You asked: How do I keep my hair hydrated in the summer? Keep reading as we answer that and more!


15 Tips for How to Hydrate Hair This Sunny Season

With summer comes some pressing questions: Why is my hair so dry in hot weather? Is the sun bad for your hair? Does chlorine damage hair? This list goes on and on.


To navigate summer hair care, you’ll need to understand the unique challenges the warmer months bring. We’ve got you covered with top tips to keep hair surviving and thriving under the hot summer sun:

1. Fortify strands with a moisturizing shampoo

During summer, your hair endures sun, chlorine, and relentless humidity. To eliminate that pesky build-up, a good shampoo is a must. The catch? They’re not all suited for summer hair care.

Unlike regular shampoos, which can strip natural oils, hydrating shampoos gently cleanse while replenishing moisture. This fortifies hair against the elements, prevents dryness, and promotes vibrancy even after the sunniest days.

2. Nix shampoo and switch to a co-wash

A co-wash, or 'conditioner washing,' uses a specially formulated conditioner to cleanse your hair instead of traditional shampoo.

This can be a game-changer in summer when your hair craves extra hydration. It gently removes impurities without removing healthy oils. The result? Hair that’s well-hydrated, soft, and less prone to frizz or dryness.

3. Rejuvenate with a deeply nourishing conditioner or treatment


Conditioning and treating hair post-shampoo is crucial as it replenishes moisture lost during cleansing, especially in summer when hair’s extra thirsty.

Look for conditioners packed with hydrating ingredients like aloe vera or shea butter. Or, take it a step further and deeply hydrate with a reparative hair treatment mask.

These formulas nourish and shield your hair from summer stressors so it stays smooth, soft, and manageable no matter how hot it gets.

4. Top off hair-wash days with a cool water rinse

Hot water may feel nice, but it can deplete more moisture from your hair, exacerbating dehydration.

One workaround? Finish your wash with cool water to seal the hair cuticles and lock in moisture and nutrients. This simple step not only preserves hydration but also boosts shine and resilience against the summertime elements.

5. Replace your usual shower towel with a microfiber alternative

Those cute aesthetic towels might look great in your bathroom, but they're not doing your hair cuticles any favors.

Microfiber towels, on the other hand, are gentler alternatives for your locks. Their soft, absorbent fabric cuts down on friction, drying your hair without worrying about breakage or frizz.

6. Use ionic blow dryers and drop the heat


Ionic hair dryers, like YA-MAN’s SPA STYLER® Blow Dry + Scalp Massage, emit negative ions that break down water molecules faster. This reduces drying time and lowers your chances of heat damage.

You don’t have to crank the power all the way up either. Lower heat settings can style your hair similarly while preserving hair’s moisture and reducing heat exposure.

7. Go au naturel

The best ionic blow dryers and flat irons prioritize your hair’s health and beauty. But sometimes you may want to switch things up and try a different look.

Try wearing your hair naturally, and experimenting with air drying, protective styles, or your hair’s gorgeous natural texture.

8. Use a thermal protectant when heat styling

When you can't avoid heat styling, a thermal (heat) protectant is your hair's best friend. These products create a barrier over your strands, safeguarding them from high temperatures.

Our go-to? YA-MAN’s Moist Hold Repair Oil locks moisture in to prevent dryness and damage. This multi-tasking oil shields heat and infuses your hair with essential nutrients, leaving it silky-smooth and radiant post-styling.

9. Guard your hair against the sun's intense rays


Is the sun bad for your hair? It can be. 

The sun's harsh rays can significantly deplete your hair's natural proteins and hydration, prompting dryness and brittleness.

Use this as an excuse to sport your favorite hats and scarves, perfect for guarding your hair from the sun. You can also look for products with UV protection.

10. Hydrate your hair like you hydrate your skin

Just like your skin needs moisturizer to stay supple, your hair craves internal hydration for health and vitality, especially in summer.

Drink plenty of water and nourish your hair with natural oils (like coconut or castor oil) that penetrate the hair shafts deeply to hydrate and trap moisture.

11. Use the right brush and detangler

Tempted to untangle your hair after a dip? You might want to hold off.

Wet hair is particularly delicate — rough handling can cause breakage and moisture loss. Instead, use a gentle detangler with a wide-tooth comb or wet brush to prevent damage when your strands are most vulnerable.

12. Limit chlorine exposure


There’s nothing like a nice swim on a hot summer day, but the chlorine in pool water can be tough on your tresses.

How does chlorine damage hair? It strips away its natural oils, triggering dryness, and damage, even altering artificial hair colors.

Coat your hair with a hydrating leave-in conditioner to form a layer around each strand and reduce chlorine absorption. You can also wear a swim cap or keep your hair out of the water.

13. Upgrade beauty sleep with leave-in moisture treatments

How do you get rid of dry hair in summer (and all year round)? Our go-to is always leave-in conditioning treatments, particularly after a long day in the sun.

YA-MAN’s Deep Moist Repair Treatment, for example, deeply hydrates and smooths hair that’s taken a beating from heat and environmental damage.

Hair revival while you slumber? Yes, please.

14. Refresh hair with a moisturizing mist on the go

If you’re wondering how to hydrate hair while on the road, you’ll love the convenience of hair mists.

These lightweight sprays are easy to carry and can be applied anytime, anywhere. Just one quick spritz for an instant moisture boost!

Look for formulas with hydrating ingredients (like coconut water or argan oil) that revitalize and refresh your hair throughout the day.

15. Indulge in scalp massages to lock in moisture

Give your scalp a little TLC by gently massaging it in slow, circular motions with your fingertips.

Scalp massages offer a range of benefits, such as better circulation, healthy hair, better product penetration, and locking in that crucial moisture.

Soak Up the Sun, Sand, and Silky Strands with YA-MAN!


Mastering how to hydrate hair in summer is easy when you’re armed with the right tips and tools. From protective styles to nourishing treatments, every step counts.

Explore YA-MAN USA's advanced-tech hair care products today.

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